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Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 (with Infographic)

Digital Marketing Trends 2016There’s no getting around it – digital marketing is here to stay. As technology continues to improve, the more successful auto repair shops will be capitalizing on the use of digital marketing strategies to connect and communicate with current and prospective customers. As studied by Smart Insights, 82% of purchasers are researching online. Also worth noting is the amount of time people are spending on mobile devices (up from .3 hours in 2008 to 2.8 hours in 2015). Increased competition and a more savvy consumer means you must embrace digital marketing to thrive. Here are the digital marketing trends that will be important for your continued success in 2016.

  1. Video Advertising – The use of video has been steadily increasing and I don’t see this trend ending any time soon. Out of all the digital marketing trends, this is the one to grab hold of now. Videos are a great way to build trust with viewers and can be used to educate your customers. Read Get More Customers with Video Content Marketing.
  2. Mobile Websites – With the advent of Google’s Mobilegeddon, there’s no turning back. If your website isn’t responsive, you must remedy that immediately.
  3. Social Networking Ads – Social media isn’t going away so you may as well capitalize on the fact that it’s a great way to attract and communicate with your audience.
  4. Search Engine Optimization Maximized for Digital Assistants – If you haven’t given any thought to including Siri-friendly or Cortana-friendly SEO into your marketing strategy, there’s no time like the present.

Find out how you can maximize your marketing by incorporating these digital marketing trends in 2016.


Anne Lazo

Anne Lazo works closely with auto repair shop owners and their teams to create employee and customer experiences that translate into greater loyalty and brand recognition. She is a sought-after resource for various marketing and business development topics and is often called upon to share her knowledge in workshops and panel discussions. You can find Anne on Google+ and other social networks listed below.

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