Our Commitment to Our Clients

At Motorhead Advantage our core values are important. We commit to maintaining high ethical standards that embody trust, fairness and kindness.  In adhering these values, we make the following commitment to our clients:

  1. Treating everyone with honesty, integrity, honor, caring and compassion;
  2. Meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations for the services and products we provide;
  3. Being truthful with our clients;
  4. Submitting honest and accurate estimates and proposals;
  5. Providing products and services at the prices we quote;
  6. Charging all clients a fair and standard price;
  7. Maintaining high levels of communication;
  8. Building strong working relationships with our clients;
  9. Honoring all commitments;
  10. Using wisdom in making business commitments;
  11. Working with client businesses that share the same core values and commitment to serving others as we do in our company;
  12. Hiring like-minded employees and entering into partnership arrangements with those who will share in and be loyal to the mission, vision and core values of our company;
  13. Taking responsibility for our actions and our mistakes;
  14. Following up with our clients consistently and quickly; and
  15. Paying employees, contractors, and vendors on time.