Connect with Customers


Today’s consumer wants to “connect” with the businesses from which they buy. Howard Shultz said, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. Our personalized services help you leverage traditional with online marketing strategies to make meaningful connections with customers.

Deliver Exceptional Service


Creating a “WOW!” experience for customers builds a database of loyal and raving fans. Make sure you and your employees are able to deliver exceptional customer service. Our dynamic, interactive training programs will better equip you and your employees so you can build a more profitable and lasting auto repair business.

Build Loyal Relationships


A lot of companies offer automated marketing services to auto repair shops. While you’ll see results, they may not be as successful at building long-term, loyal relationships. Our personalized services help you build stronger relationships with customers and employees. That means employees will stay and your car count will grow!

When you work with the marketing and training professionals at Motorhead Advantage, you will:

✔  Gain a better understanding of the marketing strategies that work for your business.

✔  Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing to build stronger customer relationships.

✔  Increase your car count with customers who are better informed about preventive maintenance and repair issues.

✔  Build greater loyalty with your employees, customers and vendors so they frequently refer you to family, friends, and associates.

✔  Help your staff create a “WOW!” experience for every customer that walks through your door.

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